Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Aaaahhh... training.

I have been front loading my week in preparation for taking a few days off of IM training this weekend to run the Grand Canyon. And I am definitely feeling the load. I have biked 140 miles in the last 4 days. (I might have been a bit overzealous.) I have swum twice and run twice in those 4 days as well. Thankfully the rest of the week will be a teesy weensy bit lighter so I can rest up for a very long weekend of hiking. I've been struggling a bit with food the last four days because it's so hot that I don't really feel like eating when I get done working out. On Saturday I biked to & from work. I had to force myself to eat some yogurt, berries, and granola while I was at work. Normally I eat constantly so I was a little bit confused. On Sunday I layed down after my workout waiting for Dan to get home and fell asleep accidentally and totally missed my 45 minute window for optimal refueling. And today I couldn't stand the thought of drinking any more calories so I took a bag of carrots to the pool for my swim workout. And you know what? They tasted awesome! Real food. Crunchy. Fresh. Mmmm. I know they don't provide much in the way of calories but I figured at the very least they would keep my stomach satisfied until I could grab lunch. Despite my current bitterness toward liquid calories, I have to say... I absolutely LOVE my new Infinit nutrition. It is amazing. I'm completely sold. I'm even taking it with me to the GC this weekend. It always satisfies. It sits well and doesn't make me feel bloated. It is palatable (and I mix it thick!). I will never eat another calorie on the bike in IM. Speaking of bikes, I just dropped Triksie off at the "spa" for some much needed love. I hope to have her back to ride on Friday morning... if not I'll take it as a sign that I am supposed to rest.

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