Friday, March 27, 2009


So this weekend was not too exciting (worked, swam, saw Duplicity- really funny, ran, shopped at Whole Foods, watched basketball- Go Spartans!, made granola, and cooked dinner). However, there were a few highlights last weekend:

Brushed the dust off of Triksie (my gorgeous red, white and blue Trek road bike). Had a great time biking with JA around Usery, followed by a transition run. My first ride over an hour in 10 months. I am soooo slow right now!!

After our bike/ run, we drove out to Saguaro Lake for a little open water swimming. On the way Dan couldn't resist taking this pic... notice the woman wearing curlers! Note to self: If you must leave the house in curlers, don't take the convertible!! We had a good laugh.

Then on Sunday evening, we got a message that some friends were having a BBQ to introduce their brand new baby boy. Sitting out by the pool, I got some good pics of their dog playing with his football in the pool. He was so cute! And never got tired of fetching the ball. We should all take a few lessons from our furry friends.
I'm looking forward to starting IM training tomorrow. The first two weeks are light (only 11 workouts instead of 14) so I will still be adjusting to the load. I've enjoyed biking to work the past month. And Triksie gets a lot of attention. I always stop at Starbucks about 2 miles before work. I get my latte and it rides safely in the water cage the rest of the way. Last week, I parked her in my usual spot, near the window so I can watch her but safely out of view of anyone in the parking lot. As I was waiting in line I noticed a couple walk over to the window and start talking about her, pointing at different parts (aero bars) which seemed foreign to them. On one hand I was really proud, thinking how beautiful she is, on the other hand, I really wanted us to go unnoticed.... I am paranoid about having her stolen and usually NEVER leave her outside unattended. She has gone into many a grocery store and gas station with me. Maybe to the general public she is not that valuable, but she's all I've got so I intend to take good care of her.
Well, another fabulous day in the valley is done. 5 am will arrive all to early. I'm going to go enjoy some home-made cinnamon ice cream and then it is off to dream land.

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