Saturday, November 1, 2008

I've got your back...

Brief training update: Ran 8 miles at race pace this morning. Averaged 8:02. Felt good!

Now for the good stuff. I talked to my little sis on my way to work this morning and she shared a story from her girl's night out earlier this week. Just a little background... my sis is like a Greek goddess. She is 6 feet tall with an athletic build. Think Gabrielle Reece. Blond hair, blue eyes. Gorgeous. Despite her somewhat intimidating stature, she is the most sensitive person. Would never say anything hurtful. Genuinely nice. Very caring and concerned about other's feelings. Basically the opposite of me. Anyway, earlier this week she was out to dinner and drinks with the ladies. They were in a crowded bar/ restaurant and one of the ladies (let's just say baby's got back) accidentally bumped into the chair of a woman at a table adjacent to theirs as she was walking around the table to talk to someone. The woman at the other table (let's call her bitch) proceeded to take a pic of my sis's friend's butt and then passed it around her table so they could all get a good laugh. My sister watched this whole thing take place. So she proceeded to get her camera phone out and took a picture of the woman (and her friend) at the other table and advised them the "the 80's called and they want their hair back" (apparently they had the whole 80's hair complete with bangs going on)! And then, she tells me, when her group was leaving she "body-checked" the woman on her way out!!! Yes!! Go sis! I'm so proud of her! I have never doubted that she loves her friends and would do anything for them. But for her to actually go on the defensive like that is so out of her comfort zone! And, it felt good! I think now she'll have the confidence to stand up for herself more often!

I'm not advocating being mean. But I do believe in being assertive. I HATE people who are passive-aggressive. I believe that if I tell you how it is, in an honest and straight-forward manner then you'll always know where you stand. You may not like it. But I am going to speak my mind. And I am always going to defend myself. I learned a long time ago that if I don't stand up for me, no one will. You have to be your own best friend. So little sis... I've got your back!

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