Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Sunday: 16 mile long run at Tempe Lake. 8:39 pace. Really enjoyed this run! I started to fatigue by mile 12 which I expected, but my pace remained consistent. Afterwards enjoyed a nice lazy afternoon at home.

Monday: 8 mile recovery run. Tested out my CEP O2 compression running socks... and, they actually helped! My hamstring was a little tight after my long run and usually that will turn into calf tightness in my next run. With the socks on... no tightness. Then hit the gym for my core program, followed by a killer massage. Seriously, I wish I could convince Cristina to live with us (for free!!) in exchange for nightly massage- 30 minutes, nothing major. I can only imagine how great I'd feel! Then ran a few errands, got a flu shot and headed back home to pack for the weekend and fix dinner.

Tuesday: It's election day! I think I must have been really nervous about not being able to vote before work cause I barely got any sleep last night. I had planned to do my track workout, and then as part of my cool down I was going to swing by my voting station. I didn't want to be late to work (even though everyone has a right to vote!) so I was nervous about hitting a long line. Anyway, had a great track workout. Not my best cause it was a little inconsistent, but I'm pleased with the progress. I did 1.5 mile warm up to the track followed by 4 x 1 mile (6:55, 6:41, 6:38, 6:47) with 800 recovery in between, and then 2 mile cool down. I only had to wait in line for 30 minutes to cast my vote and still made it to work only 15 minutes late. I'm on my way to a tri club meeting tonight and then hopefully there will be some news about the election results. That's all for now. Scheduled for another recovery run tomorrow. Yeah recovery!!

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