Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Rationalizing in my sleep...

I am recovered and ready for the rest of the week. Yesterday I ran 6 miles easy followed by yoga and my core program. Killer. A friend of mine met me at the gym for the core program. It was fun to have a partner for the workout. It's been 3 weeks since I started it but it's definitely getting easier. I feel so much stronger and my pants are fitting better again (even if the scale hasn't budged). I'm going to talk to JA in the next week or two about moving on to the next phase. Today 7 miles easy-- after I finally dragged my butt out of bed. Here's the internal monologue that goes on. 5:15 alarm rings waking me from a dead sleep (which never happens, I'm always awake before my alarm). I get up, go pee, go back to bed. Reset my alarm for 7 am. I lay there in a sleepy haze thinking, if I don't get up now I'll have to run on Friday morning (my day off) which means that I'll have to do my core program on Friday evening after work. Unless maybe I can run tonight after work before my meeting. But if I can't then I have to run on Friday. Argh! Just get your ass out of bed and go run. You'll be glad you did. So I get up and storm to the bathroom to get ready. It's funny how I'm mad about having to get up. Who am I mad at? I'm not sure! I'm the one who wrote the training plan. Can't be mad at anyone but me but that doesn't stop me from storming around! Once I'm out the door I feel better and I'm glad I got up, it's just those first 15 minutes!!!

My heart rate had been in the 145 range for both runs. Hooray! I'm ready for my track workout tomorrow morning and I'm really looking forward to the race this weekend! Just a sprint triathlon, but the first one in 3 months and the last one I'll race until April! May not be to pretty since I haven't been on my bike in weeks. But it's only 14 miles-- I can hammer that out. Plus, I've got Pink Paradise on my side!


joshua said...

hello there! Mary and Dan, Dan and Mary ha.
hey! so you started your training program?? mm sounds kind of difficult to me, I have another easy training plan, kind of adapting to this weather and altitude and after 2 months I'll move to a different one (harder).
It was fun last sunday at the 10k, but so fast for a long run, all because of me thinking it was you at the front, you see how I think you can be that fast???
ok good luck to both of you, don't forget to have fun and smile, bye.

RunnerChick said...

Hey Joshua! Hopefully I'll be that fast in January! Are you racing Nathan's on Sunday? Maybe we'll see you there!