Thursday, September 18, 2008

No pain, no gain

Today's run: 2.5 mile warm up over to the track. 2 x 1600 repeats with 800 m recovery after each one. 1.5 mile cool down home. Hit my target with 6:44 and 6:42 for the repeats! Hooray! My first official track workout! The good news is, it didn't feel too bad. An improvement from last week which felt pretty awful if I remember correctly. I'm assuming it felt bad cause my second split was much slower. The bad news is... I want it to feel bad. Kinda. I'm trying to get used to the "pain" associated with running. Not joint pain or injury pain. Just the burn of your muscles when the fatigue sets in and the lactic acid builds up. When you know you're working hard and your brain starts to tell you to slow down or quit. I need to get used to that feeling and be able to overcome. To work past it. It's normal to feel that kind of discomfort. I want to be able to feel it and automatically turn off the little part of my brain that starts getting worried. "Don't worry, little brain, no harm done," I will tell it, as I keep running. And tomorrow I get a rest day from running. Core program only. OK and maybe swimming depending on how early I get up. Countdown is on! It's Boston or bust, baby!

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