Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mmmmm Sprinkles!

I have been rewarded! Yesterday morning a client brought donuts for everyone. I avoided the staff lounge all day cause I knew I would want one. I don't have very good willpower. I told myself I could have a small treat after dinner to satisfy my sweet tooth (which I actually didn't have cause my grilled peach with dinner was dessert enough!). Today... we had Sprinkles cupcakes to celebrate a birthday.... my fav kind- lemon! So I ate a cupcake with zero guilt. Now maybe some would scold me and say I should have resisted the cupcake as well. I still believe in 'everything in moderation' and the cupcake was soooo much better that a stupid donut would have been. I'm glad I held off.

Did my track workout this morning. I haven't been sleeping well so I was thrilled when my alarm went off at 5:10 am and I actually felt like I had slept well all night. I did my usual warm-up over to the track of 2.5 miles. I was aiming to hit 6:56 for my repeats. First one was a little fast at 6:50. Had 800 m recovery and then started my second mile. It felt sooo hard. My muscles were burning. By 1200 m I actually thought my legs might give out and I would collapse on the track. I kept telling myself that if I made it through the second mile on target I could bail on more repeats and just have a nice cooldown. Turns out I was running waaaay to fast. Second mile 6:44. Did my 800 m recovery and decided that I'd rather do one more repeat on the track and then take the short cut home. Paced myself a little better in the 3rd mile. Missed my target by 2 seconds, finishing in 6:58. Slightly disappointed but appreciated my legs for holding up. I don't know why they've been more fatigued this week. Maybe it was my long run on Sunday? Maybe the strength workouts I'm still adjusting to? Maybe cause it feels hotter this week? I'm hoping to have some nice easy runs in Madison this weekend and give my legs a rest. Sooo excited! Catching a flight tomorrow so once again... see you next week!

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