Friday, August 29, 2008


So I have been working with the nutritionist, right? I swear I am being punished for being a caffeine addict. Honestly I can go days without coffee, but when I am working... I like to have the juice. Ya know? Yesterday, I made it almost the whole day but by 3 pm I was totally dragging ass and my co-workers insisted that I have some caffeine. Today, I decided that I would have my usual nonfat latte and count it as one of my "milk" servings for the day. (I'll explain my meal plan to you some other time.) Coffee itself doesn't count, so just the skim milk that goes into the latte needs to be accounted for. So happy as a clam, I get to work, get all my patients checked in for the day and then go to heat up my breakfast (oatmeal) in the lounge. I always heat it for 1:30 and today, it boiled over and I lost half of my breakfast to the microwave. So pissed. I took 45 minutes last night to plan out my menu for the day so I would be appropriately fueled, not hungry, and have energy to propel me through the day. And now in my first meal, the kitchen gets to eat half of it. Arghh! And it's not like I brought 'extra' food for the day! Oh well. Live and learn.

Swim went well. 800 w/u followed by 7 x 300 at 1:29 pace and 600 c/d. Felt good. Smooth. Fast. Felt like my technique was spot on. Of course it always helps to have slower swimmers in adjacent lanes to make one feel really fast! Thinking of doing my strength workout tonight.... we'll see. Right now I can't straighten my left arm my bicep is soooo sore.


joshua said...

hi there! thanks for running this weekend with me, good pace!!

RunnerChick said...

Thanks Joshua! It helped having you there to push me. You can run with me anytime!

joshua said...

hi!! and good luck in Wisconsin, you are so busy all the time.
I read your your page after the long run, that's why I didn't know much about you and Dan, is good to have friends like you guys.
I started my training plan this week, hoping for a sub 3:00 in the marathon, but I'll stay in the half mostly and some 5 and 10 k's.
and some tri's( need to replace my stolen bike first! thanks AZ haha) ok good luck for both of you.