Thursday, August 7, 2008

My week has escaped me...

I'm not sure where my week disappeared to. I've been trying to enjoy my pseud0-recovery week but have been swamped at work which is thwarting my efforts. On Tuesday I did manage to make it through 3 of my 4 planned workouts. I got up at 4:45 am to make it to master's swim by 5:30 and got my ass kicked! I told Mark (the coach) that I wanted to learn butterfly. So we were swimming "butterfly". We did 10 x 100's as 25 fly/ 50 free/ 25 fly. Let's just say that mine was more like 25 flyish/ 50 free/ 25 look-like-I'm-drowning-need-to-be-rescued-OMG-can't-swim-butterfly. It was so hard! I consider myself a pretty good endurance swimmer and I was GASPING for air. Hmmm. I really think this could help my freestyle if I could get it down. Maybe I'll try again. After master's I hit the trail for a quick 4 mile run. I ran fast probably because I was nice and warmed up. Headed home to make some Belgian waffles- yum! I skipped yoga cause I was totally dragging ass. Went for coffee instead. Then later in the day, after caffeine had adequate time to circulate in my bloodstream, I went to the gym to lift.

Wednesday, I ran 5 miles at an average 9:01 pace. I ran each mile progressively faster with my last three miles under 9 min. Last mile was 8:06! Still convinced that it won't be pretty, but I feel a little better about my 5k race this weekend.

Today, after 10 1/2 hours of sleep I dragged my ass out of bed for a 3 -miler. Had planned to go to the track, but convinced myself that since it was recovery week it was ok to push my track workout back a day and sleep a little longer. I'll be lucky if I make it to 20 miles total this week! Tomorrow the plan is to hit the track for some longer repeats- maybe 400 m. Need to start building the endurance in my speed workouts. Then I'll swim, lift, and go to yoga. Another busy day! At least no work! I need a day off!

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