Friday, July 11, 2008

Less training... more gossiping

No, I did not fall off the planet over the holiday weekend. Have just been slow getting back into the swing of things. The weekend actually seems like ages ago. We had a good time up north. Got to run in my Footloose dress in Flagstaff- we ran at Buffalo Park which is about a 2 mile trail loop. Nice terrain. I even biked on Monday morning which I haven't done since the race. Awesome. And yoga on Tuesday morning after my swim. I've been running pretty consistently. Trying to go every other day to still allow for plenty of recovery. This is my last official week of recovery, so next week I will start to add in weight lifting again. I'm looking forward to getting stronger and improving my running. I've been a little jealous of all my tri friends who are gearing up for the fall season (here in AZ tri season runs from September through the first part of June, though a lot of folks won't race in December- February cause it's "too cold" - HA!). This will be the first time in 3 years that I won't be participating in a lot of the races. I've tried to pick out some 5k and 10k races and I have several half marathons on the books as well.

So, I've learned a little more about navy seal swimmer guy. This morning it was a little overcast cause it rained last night (monsoon season is here!) so there was no one at the pool. Half way through my workout NSSG showed up to meet the guy he is giving lessons to. So we were chit chatting. He asked me where to take his "much younger" girlfriend shopping for a bikini. He's taking her sailing in the British Virgin Islands. He has his captain's license so he'll just charter a boat. Must be rough. And did I mention that NSSG is a divemaster? Oh, forgot that bit. I am certified- Advanced and Nitrox- although I believe I was ruined because my first dive trip was a week on the Great Barrier Reef. Nothing quite compares to that. I gave him some advise on the shopping bit and eventually his student showed up. I was so flattered cause he had his student watch my stroke- said I have a good reach, which is something he's trying to get his student to work on. I'm always self conscious swimming in front of really good swimmers. I have a far from perfect stroke but I love to swim and I work really hard at it. So to get a compliment from a good swimmer means a lot to me. Anyway, he finished his lesson and hopped in the pool to start his workout. He wears ear plugs so I thought it would be OK to get some gossip from my other friends at the pool- he couldn't hear me. Apparently he's 64, which I never would have guessed and his girlfriend is 44. I sort of pictured him with someone younger- 30 maybe. I said NSSG was totally datable, which the 2 guys I was swimming with (both 40's) balked at. Anyway, all the girls in my office agreed that they could date a 60 year old if he was in great shape and wanted to wine and dine them, take them sailing, etc. They didn't see the relationship lasting, but thought it would be worth a try to have some fun.

Anyway, I'm not looking for another boyfriend- I have a hard enough time keeping up with the one I have! Merely passing along some gossip. I guess when you date for love, you might sacrifice some opportunities along the way (sailing!), but at the end of the day happiness is what matters most. And that you can't buy.