Sunday, July 13, 2008

Back in Business

Friday evening as I lay in bed I had a horrifying realization. 'Oh my gosh,' I said. What?, Dan murmured half asleep. 'I have a 5k in one week,' I replied. Well, you better do some pick-ups early in the week, he said before falling asleep. Alone, I lay there panicking about my upcoming race. I scheduled a few tune up races prior to the start of my marathon training so I could see where I am starting from. Unfortunately, I still feel fatigued from Ironman and the 5k is not going to be pretty. Don't get me wrong, 3 miles is nothing. I'll just take a hit to my pride since I will likely be 5 minutes over my 5k PR. But I'm too competitive to not give it a go... so we'll see.

Saturday morning I got up early and enjoyed an hour run before I had to leave for work. It was 30 minutes farther than I've been running (not counting the weekend in Sedona) and it felt good. The heat was definitely a factor. When I'm out for 30 minutes, I just get to the point of feeling hot when I am finishing. But Saturday, there was not a dry spot on me when I finished, the sweat was just dripping off my body.

Today was a beautiful Sunday morning. To mark the official end of Ironman recovery, I got up when Dan's alarm went off. I left for the pool when he was getting on his bike. I swam 3300 m with lots of drills and kicking and a 1500 straight set. Had the pool to myself which was awesome. I had planned to stay and go to yoga but I had a sinus headache and the hanging upside down in yoga tends to make that worse, so I bagged it and went home. After eating some breakfast and sudafed I was feeling better so I took Trixie out for a little spin. We ran some errands around town- dropping mail at the post office, returning library books. And as I pulled back into my neighborhood Dan was just finishing up his run. 'I was flying!' I said. Your legs must be rested, Dan commented. 'No, I think Trixie was just so excited to be out of the garage!' I insisted. He smiled. Now, he's off getting a massage... so jealous... and I'm waiting for him to get back so we can go get lunch. I'm feeling a little better about the 5k next Saturday. It'll be good to get some speed back in my legs. It still won't be pretty, but it will be a nice start to my training. Boston- look out!

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