Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ho Hum

Ran 6 miles this morning. Very slow. Enjoyed being out there alone. Quiet.

Need to get out of this fog. Here's some ideas:

1. Work on my nutrition plan. Now that I'm not training for Ironman, food doesn't consume my every thought. I find I go too long without eating (especially at work) and then I eat the wrong things.

2. Drink more water. And gatorade. With the horrid heat, I have been sweating more when I run, and I usually don't salt my food. Need to be better about replacing electrolytes.

3. Speed work. I technically don't have any speed on my schedule for another week and half. But I feel like if I could just do a few quick loops around the track, I'll start to feel it in my legs. Need to remember what that faster pace feels like.

4. Hire a personal trainer. The sad fact is that as an adult, everyone I know works. And because we all have jobs, and different schedules, I don't have a friend that I can consistently meet at the gym for weight lifting twice a week. And frankly, I'm a little bored. I need some outside stimulation to motivate me a little bit.

5. Change it up. Along the lines of being bored... I run the same routes every day. They are convenient and right outside my door. But routine is boring. So, I think for my long runs (which are on Sundays.. no work) and another run during the week I'll drive somewhere else to run. Tempe lake. South Mountain. Usery. Wherever. Somewhere that will take me out of the ho hum of my little corner of the running trail.

6. Roller blade. Not only will this help my weak glute issues, it will be FUN! Need a little fun and a challenge in my life.

So I guess I'll start there and make adjustments as I go along. I am hoping that once my training starts for PF Chang's Marathon, I'll get my motivation back. Right now I just feel like I'm killing time.

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