Saturday, June 28, 2008

Fighting the Post IM Funk

I hate recovery. I think I hate recovery more than taper. Definitely do. I feel so blah. My throat is scratchy. I feel like I am fighting off my body's urge to contract that post-training/ hard race illness. You know... the upper respiratory funk that inevitably follows taking down time. I'm healthy as a horse throughout training. Then I pause for a moment and everything catches up with me. So far I'm winning. I have been downing Airborne like water. Popping my antioxidant supplements. Getting loads of sleep. I even parked my rear in front of CSI for 3 hours last night for extra rest (gotta love Spike TV!). OK, just kidding there. I'm actually just a CSI junkie. But still, rest is rest. I want to go out and run. But I want to give all the ligaments, etc time to heal. It's such a double edged sword. Early in the week, my short swims were enough to satiate my need for exercise. Not so much anymore. Trixie is begging me to take her for a ride tomorrow. I may have to give in. Just a short hour ride. No big deal. I promise I won't go too hard. Maybe just a 15 minute run. Now that I have my shoes back from Tri Bike Transport. That was a good decision, by the way. Pack my running shoes and orthotics in my gear bag so that I absolutely cannot run for a week. But now that they are back in my possession they are calling my name!

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