Thursday, July 2, 2009

Love vs. Hate

I have a love-hate relationship with track workouts. I hate the repeats while I am doing them. The feeling of your heart pounding out of your chest. The burning sensation through your whole body. Gasping for every breath. The pasty feeling in your mouth from sucking in the dry air. Pouring sweat from every pore.

But I love the feeling afterwards. How your whole body feels alive. Breathing feels easier and every breath is bigger. Feeling like you accomplished something in your workout. Feeling tired but revived at the same time.

After my 2 1/2 mile warm-up I knocked out my 2 x 1600 repeats. I almost felt bad for lapping the football players that were doing a timed 800. Almost. I generally try not to be on the track when the school is using it... but it's summer break and it's rare for them to use the track. I guess today was an exception. I felt pretty good hitting 6:45 for the first repeat. But I clearly went way to hard as I had trouble hitting 6:55 for the second one. Next week is recovery so I'll be running hills instead of mile repeats. Love hills!

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