Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's no Eggo! (It's better!)

You know how some people can just crack you up and they don't even realize how funny they are? My best friend from HS visited in January along with some of my newest friends that I met through the Skirt Entourage. We all rendezvoused for the PF Chang's Marathon weekend. During that weekend, my new friends did some grocery shopping. They are fellow triathletes and have particular foods that they like to eat on race morning, like we all do. One of the items in the grocery cart was a box of Van's Organic Waffles. The husband part of the team works for the company that distributes Van's Waffles and raved about how great they were. So on race morning I come downstairs as Van's man and my BF are partaking in a breakfast of waffles. He asks her what she thinks and without pause she replies, 'it's no eggo!' Now, I don't know if she was trying to be funny, or if she actually prefers the taste of Eggo, but I cracked up. And since that day, every time a comparison comes up between two things, I have to fight the urge to say, 'it's no eggo!'

But the reason that I'm writing this now is because I have fallen in love with Van's Organic Waffles. My favorite ones are the homestyle mini's. They are so sweet you don't even need syrup. Right now in my freezer I have an assortment of blueberry and whole grain. On Tuesday after my run / bike and before my swim, I whipped up a little fresh blueberry compote and drizzled it over my whole grain waffles. Side of egg over easy for a little extra protein. And you know what? It was the first swim workout in about 4 weeks where I felt like I had a second gear. When I was supposed to be going faster, I actually could! Rather than maintain a slow slog like usual. Today, after my bike ride I had some blueberry waffles with a little smear of some smart spread, real maple syrup and a half tablespoon of flaxseeds. Glass of milk and I was ready to go for my day. These waffles are the real deal! So, Van's, if you are looking to sponsor an athlete I will gladly take a lifetime supply of waffles. And maybe a freezer to go with them.


Aldi26 said... I want a waffle! Thanks a lot! :)

Mike said...

I told you that you'd love them...thanks for the shout out! Congrats on qualifying! See ya soon!