Thursday, December 18, 2008

SkirtGirl versus Lead Legs

I finally understand what Dan has been talking for the last 18 months when he says he "can't get his heart rate up in spin class". I always thought, Huh? How can you not get your heart rate up? You just add more resistance or increase your cadence. Right?

Well that's what I thought until this morning's track workout. It was soooo not pretty. I have done 28 miles of recovery since Sunday... but today I had a track workout scheduled. My last big track workout. 5 mile repeats. I have been targeting 6:56 per mile. According to my half marathon pace I should be able to pull 6:40. Today... I was lucky to hit 7:10. I increased my warm up back to 2.5 miles, thinking that my shorter warm up over the last few weeks was the cause of my slower repeats. And I shortened my interval to 400 meters, which works out perfectly time wise (recover 3 minutes for a 7 minute repeat) and also lets me get the most out of my mileage. So I started my repeats. Immediately felt slow. My breathing was barely elevated but I just could not make my legs go. 7:11. Argh. Next two.. same deal 7:08. No matter how hard I tried to increase my cadence or pick up the pace... just would not happen. Fourth repeat uber slow. Legs like lead. 7:13. I thought, Ok at least my times are consistent. But I hate to end things on a low note, so for my fifth and final repeat, I gave it all I had. My breathing was a little heavier than I'd been able to get it. I thought for sure it would be my fastest yet......and 7:13. Whatever. I'm done. My legs are toast. I want to lay down for a nap. I manage to make it the 1.5 miles home. With a total of 10 for the day and 38 so far for the week I am soooo looking forward to taper. Ready to get some spring back in these tired legs. 2 more weeks till taper. I can't believe I am so close. I am beginning to get scared. What if my mind holds me back? If I do the math I KNOW I can run 3:20. Hell, technically I could run 3:12 if I could maintain my 1/2 marathon pace. I will be thrilled with anything under 3:30. I will be happy if I finish under 3:40 and qualify for Boston. But I am so worried that my day will unravel. I am going to unleash all the mental tricks I have in my bag so that on race day I have visualized it all, experienced it all, am ready for it all. I will qualify. I will PR. I will have a good race. I will finish strong. I will not hold back. I will give it all I have. (Rocky theme song playing in my head...)

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