Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Year!

Don't you love New Year's? It's like getting a clean slate once a year. Clean out the cobwebs (or the closets and pantry) and start fresh. I know a lot of people make resolutions. I call those people "resolutionaries". Typically by January 21st they've bailed on all their good intentions. I like to look back over the previous year. Take stock of all the good, bad and indifferent. Decide what I want to keep in my life and what needs to go. You know those bad credit cards? Gone. Toxic relationships? Gone. Old and unused crap lying around the house? Gone. Bad habits? Gone. It all gets pitched. Preferably in the recycle bin. I like to make room in my daily planner for new, exciting, good things. For example, in 2009 I am taking on my first "ultra" of sorts. It's not officially an ultra because it's not run straight through, but I'm running the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim over 2 days. Fun. New. Exciting. Challenging. Also, I'm going to continue my strength program. I've already got another session with the personal trainer lined up for the first week in January. We're going to add some triathlon specific exercises since I'll be transitioning back to triathlon after the 18th. Nutrition? I've purchased a "share" from a local farm and will have fresh, organic produce delivered to my door once a week. I'll get to try new veggies, get nutritional benefits from fresh picked goods and support local agriculture. I'm signed up for 12 weeks. If I like it, we'll continue. My family is really looking forward to tomato season. There's nothing better than a fresh, hand-picked tomato. And I plan to run my very first Boston marathon. This has been a goal of mine for 4 years. I will finally see that dream come true. There is nothing like watching your hard work pay off to motivate you for another year.

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