Friday, September 26, 2008


This is a friend of mine getting an autograph from LA at Interbike. Wish I was there! I adore him. Lance that is. Can't wait to watch him in the Tour again next summer. He is a machine!

Not much to report on the training front. My Garmin is fixed (thanks Dan!!) so I don't have to shell out hundreds for a new one, even though the new technology is fantastic... I don't have the cash right now. Now, I just need to send off my HR transmitter for a new battery since I can't seem to get the back off of it. Did my strength workout today. I may need to call my massage therapist for an emergency session tonight. I'm just not feeling it in my legs and I have some important workouts tomorrow and Sunday. Tomorrow 5 miles at MRP and Sunday LR. Plus I have this giganto knot in my shoulder--- I think from back to back yoga and strength on Tuesday. Geez, I haven't been in this bad of shape since Ironman!

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SkirtChaser said...

I think the important thing for people yo know in your next blog is that your real life boyfriend looks like Lance and has a half a dozen people every week think that he is actually Lance