Monday, August 18, 2008

I spy

My day has only just begun but I had to sign in and tell you that this morning on my run I saw a coyote! He was so beautiful! I was just approaching my turn around on the canal and he came running through the field next to me. He was about 20 yards away running in the opposite direction that I was running. I paused and watched him for a minute. Once he was about 100 yards away I turned around and started running again. He dashed across a little bridge over to the other side of the canal and off he went. I couldn't help but smile the rest of the way home. I managed 6 miles at about 9:17 pace.

Yesterday, I ran my long run at the lake. I was thinking I'd warm up at my usual 9:30 pace for 2 miles and then pick it up a little bit. Needless to say I was surprised when my first mile was 9:00. And I did a double take when my second mile was 8:40. I kept a great pace. After mile 6, I could feel my legs getting tight from my lifting on Saturday. I threw in a couple of hill repeats before I finished up. 10 miles at 9:04 pace overall. Not bad! Swam 500 m to cool down and then went to yoga class. Had a great massage to help loosen up all those tight muscles! Need to do that more often...

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