Wednesday, July 2, 2008

And still recovering...

Ran today. Didn't wake up early enough to go more than 3.25 miles but it felt OK. No pains anywhere. I even had a couple of surges. I left my house and ran down the canal trail to Recker and then south toward Elliott. There was a couple coming out of their neighborhood taking their dog for a walk. So when I saw them, my natural instinct is to pick up the pace (even in recovery, I can't seem to kick the competitive juices). Which I did. I got past them and kept running toward my next turn and when I glanced at my watch I was running a minute faster than I had been going. Not bad. Not fast, but not bad. I slowed to my recovery pace and finished my run. Faster than Monday. What I remember after IMAZ 3 months ago is that it took about 4 runs before I felt normal running. And with the heat, I may not be as fast as I think I should be which is good, because it helps me recover better. I'm trying to take it a little slower and more careful this time. After IMAZ all I could think was that I had another race in 10 weeks I needed to be in shape for. Now, I want to make sure I am fully recovered to start my training program in September. Slow and steady wins the race. Or at least I hope so.

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