Friday, November 2, 2018

Diary of an Ultraman: Day 2

5:35 am.  I've laid here long enough not falling back asleep so I finally glance at the clock.  9.5 hours of sleep.  Not terrible.  

6:00 am.  I'm heading downstairs to look for a nice ocean front view for my meditation.  I silence my usual background noise (rainfall) on my meditation timer and listen to the crashing waves instead.  

Meditation spot.

6:36 am.  I grab a cup of coffee in the lobby before heading back upstairs to get ready for the day.  

8:26 am.  Fielding questions... "Can I ask what you're so stressed out about?"  Clearly I'm not hiding the fact that I'm in a shitty mood.  I woke up with a headache because all the pillows are feather and I'm allergic.  And even though I said we didn't need to set an alarm, starting a bike ride at 9 am is SO NOT ME.  It feels ridiculously late.  And now we're not going to get a break before we go swim.  

8:32 am.  OK, confession time.  I'm so glad Hillary put this ride on my schedule today because I've been dreading it from the moment we drove the course 3 weeks ago.  I never ride anywhere that doesn't have a bike lane.  Ever.  Like, seriously NEVER.  And there are even some bike lanes that I won't ride in because they aren't up to my safety standards.  And there are stretches of this course with no shoulder whatsoever.  And yes, it's a one lane road around an island, but half the people are tourists, and the other half hate tourists, and we fall somewhere in between.  This is not inside my comfort zone.  And it stresses me out.  So there.

From where I ride.

8:46 am.  We roll.  

9:05 am.  At this pace it's going to take me 7 hours to get to the turn around point.  

9:20 am.  How can I be sweating this much?  OMG I FORGOT TO PUT SUNSCREEN ON MY FACE!  HOW COULD I BE SO STUPID??  I'M GOING TO BURN!!!!

9:45 am.  We stop at the first gas station for sunscreen and Gatorade.  Skin cancer averted.  

10:30 am.  I'm dying.

Where the lava scorched the earth.

10: 54 am.  Everything hurts and I'm dying.

11:30 am.  Sheesh, where did this wind come from??  Holy hell.

Turn around point.

12:10 pm.  I sit on the concrete outside the market waiting for my banana, coke and water.  

12:30 pm.  We are rolling again.  Heading back toward town.  Why do we have a headwind???  I thought it was going to be faster on the way back???

1:10 pm.  Why is there a buffalo looking at me?  Surely they are not native species to the island??

2:30 pm.  OK, this WV loop is not as bad as I was thinking.  There sure is a lot of traffic.  But I'm spinning up pretty comfortably.  Maybe I'm not dying.  

2:55 pm.  Just kidding.  I'm for sure dying.  Where is the stop light?  


3:04 pm. FINALLY.  Descending back to town.

3:30 pm.  We load shit back into the van and head back to the hotel for a quick pit stop.  I eat papaya with granola.  Slam a Big Sky soda.  And polish off the bag of sea salt potato chips from earlier.  

4:41 pm.  I jump into the pool to start my recovery swim.  

5:32 pm.  I finish swimming.  How the hell did it get to be so late??  And other than my 20 minute meditation this morning - there has been ZERO relaxation time.  This is so not sustainable.  We're not going to be able to continue this "sleeping in" and not setting an alarm gig.  

5:56 pm.  We hit up Target for a few more food essentials (bananas, avocados, honey, etc).  

6:36 pm.  Do you want Thai food or Mexican?  Mexican?  Habeneros it is.  I google places to swim as we drive because I have a 10k swim tomorrow and the Kona Aquatic Center is closed for a swim meet.  We've looked at this place a dozen times.  It's actually pretty good.  And it's quick which is even better because I'm ready for bed.  

8:07 pm.  I'm off to bed.

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