Thursday, January 19, 2017

Build Your Tribe: Ultraman Crew Intro: The Beav

The scene opens with a husband and wife sitting on the sofa.  The television is on low in the background and a laptop sits open in her lap, fingers poised over the keys.  An interview is about to take place...

MK:  On a scale of 1- 10 how excited are you about UMOZ?!?!

DB:  7.7.

MK:  Why?

DB:  Well, I’m not as excited as you… but I’m excited enough that I want to see it.  Plus since I'm on crew I get a free trip to Australia.  That’s exciting!

MK:  What preconceived ideas do you have about Ultraman?

DB:  I think it’s going to be easier than everyone thinks on you.  And harder on me, sitting behind the steering wheel for 3 days… a week after IM.

MK:  What do you think your strengths will be as a crew member?

DB:  The wiseness that comes with age

MK:  Um, no.  That’s not answer…

DB:  My strength will be that absolutely no matter what — I will not let you NOT finish.  Because I can be tough with you and deal with the repercussions.  #toughlove

MK:  Do you see any weaknesses, or what are you most unsure of?

DB:  How in the hell we’re going to get all of our shit to Australia!?!

MK:  What do you think the biggest challenge for me will be at UM?

DB: Learning how to relax.  Not be in control.  

MK:  So you promise to take care of everything so I can relax?

DB:  mmm, hmm..   Yeah, I’ll delegate that task.    
You can’t sweat the little things because the little things won't matter.  The only things that matter are your nutrition and your bike.  Nothing else matters.  It’s going to come down to the basics.  Do you have your nutrition and is your bike mechanically sound?  And I’ll make sure we have our sound machine. :)

MK:  When did you know that this was inevitable?  

DB:  Sept of 2013.  Ironman Lake Tahoe awards banquet.  You talked to Hillary about it, I think she was getting ready for the World Championship.  

MK:  WOW.  I totally forgot about that.  Cool.  
Would you rather be racing than crewing?

D:  Yes, of course.  

MK:  What?!  Why aren’t you?

D:  You said I couldn’t.

MK:  What?!  No I didn't!  I said we couldn't race side by side!  

D:  Right.  But think about it.  You’d come out of the water ahead of me and have to wait around.  But then I’d have to just chill with you on the bike.  And then we run together.  

MK:  But we can’t share crew!!!  And there’s no drafting!!  And that's a lot of time for us to annoy each other!!!

DB:  I know.  So I won’t do it because we won't go through the cost of Ultraman 3 times. 

MK:  What if I wanted to crew for you?  We could go to Florida.  That’s less expensive.  

DB:  No.  not going to happen.  Though I’m more likely to do Ultraman than a hundred miler.

MK:  Even if I ran the hundred with you?  

DB:  I’m not sure I could do the training that would allow me to do the hundred.  This is not part of the interview is it??

MK:  Yes.

DB:  *sigh*

MK:  OK, OK.  
So what does ohana, kokua and aloha mean to you?

DB:  I guess I haven’t thought about it.  The reality of it is, to get through the race you’re going to have to have a lot of family interaction- trapped in a car for 3 days.  YOU are going to have to love what you're doing to get though the dark spots.  Leading up to it you are going to put in a lot of work— and you’re going to have to have the support of your #tribe to get through the training.  Coach Hillary, me, Melody swimming 10ks with you, and everyone who is going to bike and run with you.  

MK:  I know you’re not the touchy-feely type… are you looking forward to experiencing the Ultraman Ohana?  

DB: yes and no.  Just like with any family, sometimes you want to spend time with them and sometimes you get on each others nerves and you’re ready to be done with them after 3 days.

(mk:  laughing)

DB:  I”m excited for the epicness of it.  Being able to brag to everyone about my wife. 

(mk: beaming)  

Of course that’s why I wanted to do it with you….  bragging rights.  

MK:  But I feel like our crew is pretty laid back , I think you guys will be fine.  
How far do you want to run on day 3?

D:  I would run as far as I’m physically capable of.  Ask me that on day 3.  

MK:  What’s my Ironman swim PR?

DB:  57 : 23

MK:  What?!  NO!!!  

DB:  (Shouts out a few more answers-- still wrong..finally landing on the right one.)  Ironman Lake Tahoe….. 54 minutes?  Are you happy now?

MK:  You’re gonna need to know!

DB:  Why do I need to know?

MK:  When I’m leading the swim they’re going to ask you my stats!!!  

DB:  Who?!?

MK:  The Race Director! 

DB:  WHY?!?

MK:  Cause they want to know!!  We were frantically texting Hillary and checking Ironman websites in Canada when Barry was leading!

MK:  What do I want to know about your thoughts on UM?
What should I be asking you?

DB:  Do I have to perform sexually every night?

MK:  NO!

DB:  Is alcohol allowed in the support vehicle?

MK:  Ummm, not sure.  Doubtful.  I’ll read the rules. 
What can I do to make your job of crewing easier?

DB:  Before we leave tell me 100% what it is you need and want so there is no discussion in the heat of the battle.

MK:  Good.  I agree.  It’s good to have a plan.

DB:  Can I wear my new sound cancelling headphones in the car?

MK:  Bahahahaha!  Yes.  Maybe you can share them.
Do you think I’ll be ready in 4 months?  We land on May 4.  

DB:  Sounds about right. Of course.  You have the best coach in the world and the best work ethic.  So I don’t see how you can’t be ready.  

MK:  Which day would be your favorite?

DB:  Day 3 for sure.  That’s when you realize all the work has paid off.  You get the reward.  The icing.

MK:  Which day do you think will be hardest?  

DB:  Hardest:  day 3.  Mentally, day 2.  

MK:  Yeah, 170 miles is a long way to bike.  

DB:  In your head.  But you’ll be prepared for it.  And that’s key.  

MK:  Will you massage my legs every night?

DB:  Yeah.  Cause we all know what massage leads to.

(MK: giggling)

DB:  What do you want me to know?

MK:  Just what you already said— we need to have a plan in place so nothing is left to chance.

DB:  And who is in charge when everything falls apart?

MK:  Well, in general— the crew captain has final say.  And obviously if it's a bike issue, Chris.  But I think if it’s a  breakdown in nutrition, etc— you are probably going to have the most input, the most creative ideas— because you know how I train, what I like, what I don’t like.  You have had to be creative in your own training.  You will be able to make suggestions on things to try that I might be able to eat, etc.  

Fades to black....

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