Monday, January 27, 2014

You know your coach is kicking your A$$ in Ironman training when...

... you're so tired after your long ride you take a nap in your car in between lunch at Sweet Tomatoes and grocery shopping.  And the grocery store shares a parking lot with the restaurant.

... you haven't been to church in a decade but when you see that Monday's morning workout is an 'easy peasy 45 minute trainer ride to flush the legs from the hard weekend' you almost want to go because you feel like God deserves to hear you shout "praise Jesus!" in person.

... your spouse begins to wonder if you're regressing because half of your meals are blended in a Vitamix and your bedtime is 7:30 pm.

... you used to be really productive on your lunch break- running errands, getting shit done- but now you spend the hour sleeping with your eyes open while pretending to be staring at your computer screen.

... your 5:00 AM alarm feels like sleeping in.

... you eat so much that chewing becomes exhausting and you almost log 'eating' as another workout.

... they say it takes 4 weeks to create a habit, but due to the frequency and volume of time spent in the pool you reduced the learning curve on flip turns to approximately 7.3 days.

... you genuinely start to believe that quickies and nooners are totally underrated.  

... you contemplate hiring a cleaning service just to keep up with the water bottles that are piling up in the kitchen sink and smelly workout clothes overtaking the laundry room.

... you're thankful to have someone to blame when you don't jump at every racing opportunity that comes your way.  'I'd totally be in for that... but my coach says no.  We're focusing on something else that weekend...'  

... you are asleep the moment your head hits the pillow at night.

... you look forward to opening your workout log to see what crazy shit she has planned for you next weekend.  You invite friends to join you in your training and can't figure out why no one takes you up on it except your training partner (who is assigned to) and your husband (who kinda has to, right?).

... you notice progress with every workout and begin to fantasize about winning (WINNING!!) your age group in the first big race of the season.

... you have actually advanced your math skills because your swim workouts require you to be able to calculate splits on the fly while remembering what lap you're on, what your next send off is, and how fast each interval is so that you can report them to coach later.

... a two hour ride seems so short.  And any run that doesn't involve the track or the treadmill qualifies as "easy" when you log your effort level.


dawnelder said...

yeah the whole send off time, math while swimming... its been 3 years and I still can't. planning on figuring out take off times for this weeks workouts.

Damie said...

nice!!! love!

Nancy said...

Haha!!! Love it!! ;)