Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Destined for fastness

I just got my bib number for Ironman Arizona. 


It's fate, right?  I'm destined to go fast.  I texted everyone I knew with my bib number.  Everyone agreed it sounded superfast.  My cousin even pointed out that "those planes are trans-pacific, you know."  (Though I will not personally speak of this out loud.)  I know, right?  Super.  F*#king.  Fast. 

After feeling the building fatigue for the last couple of weeks, I was beginning to doubt myself.  But just when I needed it most, I had a spectacular day of training on Sunday.  We did our usual "hilly" long ride route and knocked out 100 miles in what felt like no time at all.  I felt tired, but strong, and mentally focused all day.  Off the bike, I ran a 5 mile progressive transition run,  meaning each mile was faster than the previous one.  I started off a little slow like usual (9:30ish), but my final 3 miles were under Boston pace (sub 8:20).  That's the pace I use to judge my efforts by when looking at long runs, transition runs or other non-speedwork efforts. 

Monday started the final recovery week of the training cycle.  After 3 days, I'm feeling rested and refreshed.  I still have a little muscle soreness after my core workout yesterday (which I'm loving by the way!  Thanks Endurance Rehab!!).  I've been sticking with the tenant that less is more, and better none at all than a little too much during recovery. 

Next week starts the final push toward race day.  We are 5 1/2 weeks out right now.  2 weeks of solid effort, 3 weeks of gradual taper.  I am so ready. 

Bring it on. 

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Kata said...

didn't text me!! lol.
but i like the number! your going to have a great day out there , I can feel it!