Monday, September 24, 2012


A taste of the encouragement I had from my wonderful husband this morning (we exchange email through the day when we're both at work and I had sent him some thoughts about a recent workout): 

"You are so freaking strong right now it is scary. You don't have a weakness, and that is what wins you races. You don't have to have the fastest swim/bike or run split, but just be super solid across the board and you are that."

Aside from the fact that I'm the luckiest girl, to have such a wonderful, supportive and encouraging man in my life, I am so excited because I believe what he said.  I have been working my ass off the last year, and I have seen the fruits of my labor in training and racing this season.  I know I've said it before but I can't freakin' wait for Ironman!!

This is the first race that I actually have a specific time goal.  Not just a goal for the swim, or the run, but a goal for the whole 140.6 miles.  This makes me A) a little nervous and B) very excited!  After 7 successful, comfortable Ironman finishes I'm ready to put it all on the line and see what I'm made of.  This could result in a massive PR... or a massive blowup.  On race day I will have to be spot on with my nutrition, hydration and race strategy for everything to come together.  If my training is any indication, I think I have it in me. 

I've intentionally been a little vague with details of my training this season.  Partly because my approach has been very different from my preparation in the past.  And partly because, well, it's my little secret.  In the days leading up to the race, when I'm in my hotel room thinking about the race, I will post my secrets.  I will share my thoughts and reflect on what I've done differently this year.  And I'll share my goal time.  12 hours before the start of Ironman Arizona, on November 17th, I will share what splits I intend to have on Sunday, November 18. 

Until then, just know that I'm getting stronger.  Better.  Faster.  With every day that passes.  With every training session I'm focused on one thing and one thing only.  On race day, I will have a singular focus.  I will lay it all on the line until either I cross the line, or my broken body is hauled off the course against my will.

After St. George, I read this quote:
"Don't waste hard-learned lessons.  Embrace them, remember them, and act on them."  Terry Ortiz

I have spent 5 months reading, learning, mentally preparing for this race.  I have left nothing to chance.  My mind is going to be razor sharp.  It will not fail me this time.  On race day you will be able to watch me and know what it's like to want something.  You will see my body bend to my will.  You will see the movement, like a dance, and know that it is the perfect execution of months of training and a lifetime of passion.  I will emerge from the training gauntlet bulletproof.       


SkirtChaser said...

hell yes!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kata Ann said...

You've been working really hard and yes you are very strong. You will do great at IMAZ! We are all looking forward to cheering you on. :)

Anonymous said...

Love you girl! You are such an inspiration...keep on keeping on... xxoo