Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Family Throwdown

I am like a kid at Christmas time.  I can't sit still.  It's never going to get here, but time is going by too fast.  Monday begins the (dreaded) taper.  I have one more long ride, tomorrow.  That's it.  The hay is in the barn.  The work is done.  Now I'm supposed to sit back, soak up my efforts, and become mentally ready for race day.  Somehow, I don't think that bouncing off walls, feeling like I'm on a quad-shot espresso 24-7 is what they mean by "rest".  I'm just so freakin' excited!

I think part of it is the fact that we've been planning and looking forward to this race since November 2010.  That's a long time ago.  It was the day after IMAZ.  My cousin had just finished his first IM.  My sister had also raced, and my husband.  We were enjoying some brews at the local pub reminiscing over the previous day when out of nowhere the discussion turns south and it turns into a who-can-swim-faster-than-whom discussion and *BAM!* The gauntlet is thrown. 

The Family Throwdown was decreed. 

OK, it might not have been out of nowhere.  And I might have had something to do with placing a little wager.  Tossing out a little bet-ya-can't-catch-me, knowing full well that my family is exactly like me and can't resist a challenge.  But then again, I get blamed for a lotta things that I only had maybe a little to do with.  So it's hard to tell who's fault it is.  But in 3 weeks, I will be throwin' down with my family in St. George. 

The line up looks like this:
My husband, 9 time Ironman finisher, 2 time Kona qualifier (and finisher).
Me,  7 time Ironman finisher.
My cousin PK, Ironman finisher.
My cousin BK- first time Ironman competitor!

My sister was involved in the beer drinking and smack talk, but when the rubber hit the road she bailed.  Problem is she doesn't so much like to train.  Or bike.  Or swim.  She'll run a marathon any weekend of the year, no problem.  But after 3 Ironmans, I think she's called her triathlon career quits.  (I think I'm starting to understand why they call her the brains of the family...)

On the sidelines, I owe P&BK for bringing in the troops cause I got none.  We'll have 2 sets of parents, and one very awesome girlfriend.  5 people to cheer for us.  Care for us at the finish line.  Revive us with pizza and beer.  Or burgers and shakes.  And all around be there to support us. 

It's going to be awesome!  And totally epic.  And one day when we're all old and gray we'll sit around telling stories of the good old days when we threw down at Ironman St. George.  And we'll probably still be able to rattle off our swim times, and transition splits.  We'll remember thinking 'thank God I'm not the only one out here suffering' at mile 80 of the bike course.  We'll remember high-fiving on the run course and shouting words of encouragement.  And we'll remember the post race beers and laughs and sore muscles. 

And no matter how it turns out on race day, it'll be the best race we ever had because we all went out and did it together.


Christi said...

A family throw-down sounds like great fun! My bro and I do that sometimes and we love it!

Good luck to all y'all!

SkirtChaser said...

what do you mean "When we are old and gray"? I'm already there!!!