Friday, December 30, 2011

Turning the Page

In 2011 I:

*Swam 320,600 yds/m (104 hours).
*Biked 3768 miles (223 hours).
*Ran 1665 miles (272 hours).
*Strength trained 44 hours.
*Participated in "other" activities for 76 hours.  (This would include yoga, hiking, paddleboarding, etc.)
*Have been diligent about physical therapy for injury prevention and maintenance. (Thank you Endurance Rehabilitation!)
*Raced 4 half marathons, and set a new PR (1:35:47).
*Raced 7 trail races including my very first 50k and 50 miler.
*Had the most fun running Ragnar Del Sol on an ultra team (I ran 37 miles divided over 3 legs in a 24 hour period).
*Raced 6 triathlons (it was a slow year I guess) including 2 sprints, 3 half IM, and one IM.
*Raced a 4.2 miler (Pat's Run) and a 5k (Sally's Run) setting PRs at both distances.
*Raced one marathon, and set a 3:37:46 PR (Big Sur Marathon).
*Walked 60 miles in 3 days for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure.
*Hiked with my mom through the Grand Canyon for 3 days.
*Vacationed in Hawaii.  Twice. 
*Vacationed with my family in Pebble Beach.
*Travelled to Coeur D'Alene, Oceanside, Monterey, Tahoe, Show Low, Flagstaff, and all over the Valley of the Sun for races.  
*Learned a lot about myself and who I want to be.

When I look back at 2011 I see all the opportunities that I had to enjoy my family in ways that some people never get to do.  I consider hiking across the Grand Canyon with my mom one of my lifetime highlights.  Not many people can say they did that.  Sure, lots of people visit the Grand Canyon.  But when you step below the rim, you find out what you're made of... and watching my mom enjoy every single step showed me exactly how life should be embraced.  With passion.  And joy.  Even when the going gets tough. 

I got to spend a week in California with my sisters and our husbands/ boyfriend.  Its been a long time since the three of us have spent quality time together.  We lead very different lives and sometimes it's difficult to find a connection.  We all recognized the need to re-connect, as adults, in a neutral territory.  Our vacation was 2 years in the making and I believe that we all had a wonderful time, even though we'll always have our differences.  We shared laughs and made memories that we'll carry through life.  ('Beav for the Maj'...   guess you had to be there..  ;-)

And every day that I wake up next to my husband, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.  Every adventure I embark on, he's there.  But he's also there for the every day.  The dishes laundry get dinner on the table take out the trash grab the mail scoop the litter box every day life.  When life gets busy and we have less time together, we are reminded to make the most of every minute.  I kiss him every morning before I leave the house and he kisses me hello when we return every night.  We snuggle in front of my favorite show on television (Bones.  Duh.) and we chat in the darkness after all the lights are out before drifting off to sleep.  I sometimes think back to when I was married before and I thought I "knew" he (my ex) was the one.  But this is completely different.  It's the most natural partnership in the world.  I didn't have to "know" anything because it just is.  It's like we've always been a part of each other and always will be. 

Looking forward to 2012 I:
*Am excited about going back to Tahoe for the 50 miler.  I am even excited about training for the 50 and seeing if I can be better prepared for the elevation and terrain (now that I know what I'm getting into.)

*Am excited about St. George!  I love a challenge.  This race has never sold out because (some speculate) it's too hard.  Huh?  It's Ironman.  How can it be "too hard"?  And with the family throwdown on the line, its going to be epic.

*Am excited about all the little adventures I'll have along the way with my husband and my friends.  Since my husband and I made a "no travel" pact for 2012 (meaning, we're only going places we can drive to in an effort to recover from last year's travel and save for 2013 travel) we will have more adventures around the valley and hopefully Flagstaff and the GC.  (Did I mention that yours truly got a new pair of tracks that will allow me to hike safely through snow packed trails?  Bring on the GC in winter!)

*Am reminded how much I want be in my life every moment.  I watch some people (one in particular) who go through life merely spectating.  Never embracing life.  Walking through each day, doing what has to be done, but never having a passion or a purpose or even a goal.  That is the most sad realization of all.  Yes, there are days when I feel like I'm just getting by.  But usually something lights my fire.  A gorgeous sunrise during a bike ride.  Jumping in the chilly outdoor pool after a long swim.  A text message from a friend just to say hello.  It's the little things, I've realized, that make life worth living. 

So as we turn the page on our calendar tonight, I wish you all a happy, safe, joyous 2012. 

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SkirtChaser said...

it was a pretty good year wasn't it.
Here is to 2012 being even better.
Love living life with you everyday.