Saturday, July 18, 2009

New light

Here's a few photos from our world lately:

I took this picture after our long brick about 3 weeks ago. We had biked about 5+ hours and run for an hour. I laughed when I looked at the kitchen sink which contained no less than 11 water bottles. This is a typical day in our house... lots of dishes and laundry!!!

Dan, recovering after surgery. The compression tights are the real deal... only not as compressive and 5 times as expensive as our usual recovery tights. He has to wear them for 48 hours to try to prevent blood clots, a potential complication after surgery. The sling is a permanent fixture for the next few weeks.

His new hardware: an 8-hole bone plate and a bone screw. He'll be stonger than ever when healed.

Introducing.... E'ly! She is named after the final stage in Le Tour de France: Champes Elysees. I elected to throw the apostrophe in there so her name would not be pronounced like the boy's name, Eli. She is more like Ellie, with the emphasis on the Y. She's gorgeous. Her paint job sparkles like glitter in the sunlight. She will make her debut at the MountainMan Triathlon tomorrow morning.

ARR Summer Series 5k at Kiwanis Park. This is after the finish and Dan told me to make it look like I worked for my second fastest 5k... thus the face. It was a tough run, but I tried to push myself a bit. Went out too hard and held on to finish 18 seconds slower than my PR, in 21:42.

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