Friday, September 12, 2008

Addicted to Skirt

Hi my name is Mary, and I am a Skirt Addict.

Has anyone checked out the new fall line? ( It is fabulous! I am a huge fan of the ToughGirl, a Skirt that sold out last winter. I picked it up in black- both the top and the Skirt and I wear them all the time! They are great for running as well as travel, running errands, dates, pretty much everything I do in life. The fabric is divine. Butter soft. Seriously. I can't wait to get my hands on the new line. (UPS should be delivering it to my door in about 5 days--- if they don't fuck up my delivery address again. Hello...... my house is NOT vacant!! That's another story.) The new line has some different patterns (LOVE the Trailblazer print!), and colors (blue and red!!!). I am really going to have to get a second job. Hmmm, wonder if Skirt is hiring...

As far as training is going... this is my last week of unofficial training. Once Monday hits-- I'm on a plan. So I've been trying to have a little fun. I've created a few new routes in my area. I'm going to hit the local Splash and Dash tomorrow morning. Planning to run a loop around the lake first before I hop in the water. Sunday is a 10k race. I'm a little nervous cause I targeted this race as the benchmark for my training. So based on my results, will determine where my tempo and mile repeat paces should be during training. I know my Blue Paradise will get me through! Oh yeah, did I mention I got the Race Belt and Tri top in Blue Paradise? Tee hee. Today, repeats on the track. I did 2.5 mile warm up to the track and I managed to get 2 miles repeats in (with one 800 m recovery) before the track was overrun with high schoolers (was I that annoying in HS? I'm sure I was.) So instead to pushing through one more mile, I enjoyed a nice 3 mile cool down home. My splits were 6:44 and 6:55. Obviously didn't pace myself well through the first one. But I have noticed that my heart rate is recovering much quicker now after my repeats. The first week or two, my HR would stay above threshold through the recovery and sometimes even the cool down! Now, my HR drops below threshold within about 200 m. Progress!!

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