Friday, June 6, 2008

16 days and counting....

OK, back to business. I know, you're thinking "does this girl not have a job? two posts in one day?" Yes, I do have a job. But my job also has a lunch hour. So, training is going OK. I have not been on my bike at all this week (by week I mean training week), with the exception of my weekly spin class - turbo trainer workout. For some reason I haven't been able to get motivated to bike. Aside from the turbo workout and my long ride, I have 3 other 60 minute rides to fit in somewhere in the week. Usually these rides are low key, nice easy spin to shake the legs out. And actually, if I miss one of them it's not the end of the world. But I can't skip all three! So, my plan is to bike to and from work tomorrow. It's about an hour each way. I'll have a nice 4 hour 'break' between the rides. So that will account for 2 of them. And I've been telling myself that if I feel up to it I can get on the bike tonight after work for about an hour. I have no problem running- even though I've been feeling really slow lately with all the load on my legs. And I don't have too much trouble dragging my ass to the pool. Today I had a fantastic anaerobic interval swim workout. Warm up, 10 by 200 faster than race pace, followed by a cool down. I sort of tuned out during the main set, put my head down and just swam. Wasn't my fastest recorded times, but I was happy with the outcome. So I am in need of motivation, which I guess is probably typical in taper. I have 16 days till CDA. OMG! OK , now I am freaking out. 16 days!

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SkirtChaser said...

You are a ROCK STAR!!!!!!!!!!!
Just think of all those mountain rides we have done over the last couple of months. You are so strong, and seeing that you never took a recovery week during this entire cycle it isn't suprising that you are a little more tired than normall. That is what the next 15 1/2 days are for, REST!!!!